Anamnesis Press, founded in 1990 by Keith Allen Daniels (1956-2001), was an award-winning specialty publisher of high quality imaginative poetry, science fiction and genre non-fiction. We sponsored the annual $1,000 Anamnesis Press Poetry Chapbook Award competition from 1996-2001. Past winners include Kurt Brown, Robert Frazier, Terry McGarry and Wendy Rathbone. Recent notable books include Arthur C. Clarke & C. S. Lewis: A Correspondence and 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology, a landmark collection of science fiction and speculative science poems by many of the finest poets in the field, including Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann.


James Blish
Keith Allen Daniels
Robert Frazier
Joe Haldeman
David Lunde
Terry McGarry
Marjorie Maddox
Steven Utley
Kurt Brown
David R. Bunch
Alan Gullette
Jerry H. Jenkins
Michael Zack
Wendy Rathbone
Ann K. Schwader



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